Buy Home, Buy Smart

Be Smart Like Hummingbirds while Owning Your Dream Home

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”

Every creature on this earth dreams of ahome to live the life at its best. Either it is an animal or a human being, a home plays a vital role in curating the living hood. The size, structure, location and names of homes may vary from one creature to another, but the meaning of comfort is same for all.
When it comes to building a home, hummingbirds are the most inspirational creature on this planet. Like a jewel in the crown, the nests of hummingbirds are tiny yet so perfect and probably this is the reason for it being one of the greatest wonders of the nature.
Hummingbirds not only build unique nests but also survey a lot before constructing them. We, the human beings also build or buy a home, but here’s what we must learn from these tiny creatures while owning our dream home.
A Thorough Calculation of our Budget
Hummingbird’s priority is to refill its energy by sucking the nectar after migrating to the breeding grounds. This is what counts as wealth for them.

Talking about us, the human beings, the money saved to own a home is the real wealth. If our financial budget goes wrong, we will surely have to go through hurdles while owning our dream home. So, we must have ins and outs before taking any further steps.
A Perfect Survey
A perfect survey plays a vital role in enhancing the security of your home.
To build a nest, the female hummingbirds prefer higher altitudes (10ft. to 90 ft.) and location close to water bodies. This helps them to safeguard their eggs from predators like ants, snakes & predatory birds, provides shelter to the baby hummingbird against strong winds and helps them to maintain a suitable temperature to raise their babies.

Similarly, before deciding to buy a home, we should always survey the geographical location, neighbourhood, legal documents of the property, availability of water, security in the locality, accessibility, durability, future appreciation of the property and many more.
Use Quality Products
Using quality products increases the durability and comfort of your home.
Hummingbirds never use or trust on a nest built by other birds. They look for a solid base, like a fork of hard “Y” crossed branches. They weave twigs, plant fibres & bits of leaves together and use spider silk as a thread to bind the nest and anchors them to the solid foundation. This provides their nests a velvety texture and increases their durability and elasticity.

In the same way, we should always use durable and reliable products while building our dream home. If you love ready-to-move-in home or you are going to buy an apartment constructed by some builder, you must check the quality and specifications of the building materials, keeping in mind that all things that glitter are not gold.
“Remember, it takes hands to build a house, but an active mind builds a home.”